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Longi, a global leader in solar panel manufacturing, continually sets new benchmarks in the solar energy industry. Founded in 1998, this Chinese company quickly became a pioneer in monocrystalline solar technology. Longi is dedicated to sustainable development and green energy, evident in their high-quality, reliable products.

The First Solax Professional Day took place on June 4, 2024, at the Solar&Solar Wholesale site in Dunaújváros, Farkastanya. The event was an opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with Solax's innovative solar solutions. Contractor clients received valuable information and enjoyed the great atmosphere and hospitality.

Solax Professional Day at Solar&Solar Wholesale – Don’t Miss Out!

On Tuesday, June 4th, a special event will take place in Dunaújváros at the Solar&Solar Wholesale location (Farkastanya). During the first professional day, participants will get an insight into the full range of Solax products, specifically the special permeation of the Solax manufacturer. During the event, our professional animator will share detailed installation and specification knowledge with the participants, ensuring everyone can make the most out of Solax products. Sign up now!