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Solax Training at Solar&Solar Ltd.

03/06/2024 06:55
Solax Training at Solar&Solar Ltd.

Solax Professional Day at Solar&Solar Wholesale – Don’t Miss Out!

On Tuesday, June 4th, a special event will take place in Dunaújváros at the Solar&Solar Wholesale location (Farkastanya). During the first professional day, participants will get an insight into the full range of Solax products, specifically the special permeation of the Solax manufacturer. During the event, our professional animator will share detailed installation and specification knowledge with the participants, ensuring everyone can make the most out of Solax products. Sign up now!

Program 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Introduction to Solax Products: At the beginning of the event, we will get acquainted with the latest Solax products. The presentation will detail the functionality and benefits of the products.
  • Solax Cloud: The Solax Cloud is an innovative platform that allows remote monitoring and management of solar performance. Learn how this cloud-based solution can simplify your daily life!
  • Solax Hybrid Inverter: During the presentation, the Solax hybrid inverter will be showcased, known for its unique efficiency and flexibility. We will learn how battery storage is integrated into solar systems.
  • Solax Batteries: Batteries are key components of modern solar systems. We will present the different types of Solax batteries and their applications.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PMLunch Break A great opportunity for networking and sharing experiences with other participants.

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

  • Solax Accessories: As part of the afternoon program, we will get to know Solax accessories that further enhance the efficiency and reliability of the systems.
  • Solax Customer Service: The Solax customer service team will demonstrate how they assist their customers in solving everyday problems and maintaining systems.
  • Solax Assembly Workshop: A practical assembly workshop where participants can learn the correct installation and configuration of Solax products. This interactive session is an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience.
  • Hybrid Solutions: To close the day, we will introduce hybrid solutions, allowing the optimization of solar systems and achieving energy independence from the grid.

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Discover the Solax Product Range and Become Our Regular Customer! Participants of the Solax professional day will receive special discounts and learn about the Solar Plus Program packages. These offer the latest solar technologies, enabling significant savings and energy independence.

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