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Adjustable Roof Hook for Terran Roof Tiles

Adjustable in 3 positions 

Stainless Steel (A2) 

Flexible usage 

Corrosion resistance 

In stock


The standard roof hook for cogged roof tiles, adjustable in 3 positions, is made of 1.4016 stainless steel and is 2 mm thick. The roof hook can be used flexibly thanks to the 3-way adjustment option. The bracket height and the height of the upper bracket can be individually adjusted as required. 

The roof hook is attached to the rafter with at least 2 flat head screws A2 M8 (depending on the load). The length of the flat head screws should be chosen to match the thickness of the rafter, among other things. Standard sizes are M8x80mm, M8x100mm, M8x120mm. For above-rafter insulation, lengths > 200 mm can be used. Maintain a distance of 1 cm from the edge of the rafter when fastening the flat head screws. Fasten the flat head screws with the largest possible distance from each other and use both rows of holes if possible. The mounting rail is fastened above the roof hook with an M10 screw (e.g. hammerhead screw) and an M10 self-locking nut. All of our mounting rail variants can be mounted with this roof hook. You can find suitable accessories for installation in our shop.

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