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Insulating Anchor 26x50 mm

No need for complex substructures

Vapor barriers remain functional 

High holding value

Polyethylene (PE) anchors

Can be used without thermal bridges



Styrofoam screws are usually used for fastening light components like signs, mailboxes, motion detectors, cables, etc. These dowels are directly screwed into rigid foam panels, therefore, there is no need for complex substructures to bridge the insulation. After screwing the vapor barriers remain functionial since the insulation material is not fully penetrated. With these polyethylene dowels high holding values can be achieved. They can be fastened without thermal bridges directly into the insulation material. 



Material Polyethylene
Dimensions 26x50 mm
Head diameter 26 mm
Drive pH 3 
Max. screw size 4-4.5 mm
Article No.
7 g/pcs
Quantity options
1 pcs, 11 pcs, 21 pcs, 31 pcs, ...
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