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Drywall anchor 14x35 Berner

Precise setting

Saves working time

Perfectly shaped

Permanent attachment



Drywall anchors are usually used for fastening of light structural elements to plasterboards or drywalls such as lamps, rods, etc. These drywall anchors have precise setting thanks to the fine-thread tip that allows easy positioning without tearing out any parts of the plasterwall or drywall. Using them saves time since the PZD 2 drive enables the installation of the anchor and the screw with the same tool. They are perfectly shaped, the thin collar allows a flush fit without buckling the boards. They can be attached permanently due to the high quality industrial nylon with the highest resistance to aging and environmental influences. 



Material Industrial nylon
Dimensions 14x35 mm
Head diameter 14 mm
Drive PC 2
Max. screw size 3.9-4.5 mm
Article No.
1.5 g/pcs
Minimum order quantity
100 pcs
Quantity options
100 pcs, 200 pcs, 300 pcs, 400 pcs, ...
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