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Universal Wall Plug 8x50mm 135192 Berner

Conical head shape enables easy insertion into the drill hole

Anti-twist devices on the anchor neck 

Good pressing in solid building materials

Good functional properties in connection with hanger bolts




It is suitable for use in all solid, hollow and board building materials. This includes brick, hollow concrete blocks and plasterboard, for example.

The plug’s high quality plyethylene design operates cleverly by either knotting or expanding, depending on the material. By expanding in solid material and knotting in hollow material, this ensures maximum hold no matter the scenario. 



Material Polyethylene
Dimensions 8x50 mm
Borehole diameter 8 mm
Min. embedment depth 50 mm
Min. borehole depth 60 mm
Max. screw size 5-6 mm
Article No.
2 g/pcs
Quantity options
1 pcs, 101 pcs, 201 pcs, 301 pcs, ...
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