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Non-Insulated Ring Crimp Lug M10 6mm² 100 Pack

Copper conduit 


M10 Thread 

For 6-10mm² cross wires

100 pcs/package 



A high-quality economical crimp ring terminal, also known as a ring connector or cable lug. Ring crimp terminals are used for connecting an electrical cable or wire to a stud or a post on an electrical component such as a battery terminal. This ring terminal is formed in one piece from a sheet of highly conductive copper and then covered with a tin plating. This manufacturing process produces a closed barrel terminal with a butted seam for a secure fit. Once correctly crimped onto a wire or cable this ring terminal will provide a secure and reliable electrical connection.


Features and Benefits

• One piece design for economy and durability

• Closed barrel ensures crimp terminal fits securely around the cable
• Butted seam prevents the barrel of the crimp terminal from splitting when maximum pressure is applied
• Copper body material provides high conductivity and is easy to crimp
• Tin plating on crimp terminal provides resistance to corrosion, added strength, a reduction in friction and makes it easier to solder
• Funnel shaped internal barrel for easy wire insertion
• Maximum operating temperature of 150°C



Non-insulated ring terminals are used in applications where there is not any danger of someone short-circuiting the connection by inadvertently touching it. These crimp ring wire connectors are used in a wide range of industries for connecting wires to electrical components. Applications include wiring in industrial control systems and industrial machines, automotive applications, communication equipment, power supplies and domestic appliances.



Insulation Uninsulated
Thread Size M10
Contact Plating Tin
Contact Material Copper
Thickness 0.8mm
Overall Length 21mm
Article No.
2 g/pcs
Minimum order quantity
100 pcs
Quantity options
100 pcs, 200 pcs, 300 pcs, 400 pcs, ...
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