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Switch Disconnector Terminal (4th Pole Module) 2200 1004 Sonomec Sirco M 40A

Max. Current 40A 

Upgrade for Sirco M 

1 Pole

DIN rail mounting

IP20 devices and accessories

In stock

Switch disconnector terminal is an additional switched fourth pole module for Sonomec Sirco M Load Break Switch 40A.

SIRCO M is a range of manually operated modulable and modular multipolar load break switches (switch-disconnectors), available in 3 or 4 poles from 16 to 125A. They make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low voltage circuit, particularly for machine control circuits. Through the use of accessories, SIRCO M can be transformed into multipolar load break or 3/4 pole changeover switches. SIRCO M changeover switches provide on load changeover switching between two sources or two low voltage power circuits, as well as their safety isolation.

Number of Poles
Nominal Current
40 A
Article No.
70 g/pcs
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