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Solplanet ASW20K-LT Three Phase Inverter

Max. PV array power 26000wp STC
Max. operating input current 24A / 24A
Max. short circuit current 36A / 36A
No. of independent MPPT inputs / strings per MPPT input 2/A:2 ; B:2
Rated active power 20000W
Max. apparent AC power 20000VA
Max. output current 3x32 A


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The ASW LT series

The strong but still compact ASW LT series consists of three-phase, easy-to install, reliable and userfriendly inverters. 

These compact inverters come with our wall-mount and SUNCLIX connection that makes the series easy-to-install without opening the lid. This series has an extensive warranty and built-in DC/AC switch. Easy to connect, monitor and gives great performance whether it is installed indoors or outdoors. It is an optimal choice for small and medium size commercial facilities.

Main properties


  • Our ASW LT series has compact size (490 x 497 x 212 mm) and medium weight (26 kg) 
  • The series comes with IP65 protection class, waterproof, and has less than 1W power consumption during night-time 

Wide Selection 

  • Input voltage: min. 150 V, max. 1000 V, initial feed-in voltage: 188V 
  • This series provides between 19500 and 26000 Wp STC input performance for PV systems 
  • Diverse series: 2 MPP inputs / string for each MPPT input 
  • Output (AC) nominal power range: 15000 or 20000 W
  • Output (AC) nominal voltage range: 220/380 V, 230/400 V, or 240/415 V 

Easy to install 

  • Due to our wall-mount system the inverter could be installed with normal tools without opening the lid 
  • The cables could be connected with SUNCLIX (Phoenix Contact) DC plugs and could be plugged with AC plugs 
  • The inverter and the application can be connected with the plug and play like Wi-Fi module (accessory) or 4G module (could be ordered) to ensure an easy monitoring process 

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No. of Phases
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