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Solis S6-EH3P15K-H Hybrid Inverter

Key Features:

  • Compatible with generator, extend backup duration during grid power outage
  • Support dual backup ports for intelligent control of important and non-importan loads
  • SG heat pump compatibility
  • Supports a maximum input current of 20 A, making it ideal for all high-power PV modules from any brand
  • Supports AC voltage detection of grid and generator output to avoid damage to generators from reverse current from the grid
  • Supports Peakshaving features in "self-use" and "generator" modes
  • Supports Unbalanced and Half-Wave Loads on both the Grid and Backup Port
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The Solis S6-EH3P15K-H Hybrid Inverter: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to efficient and reliable solar energy solutions, the Solis S6-EH3P15K-H Hybrid Inverter stands out. This advanced hybrid inverter, a flagship product from Solis, is designed to integrate seamlessly into various solar systems, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

Why Choose the Solis S6-EH3P15K-H Hybrid Inverter?

Advanced Technology for Modern Solar Systems

The Solis S6-EH3P15K-H Hybrid Inverter combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. As a hybrid inverter, it efficiently manages both solar energy and grid electricity. This ensures that your solar modules operate at peak efficiency, storing excess energy for later use.

Seamless Energy Management

One of the standout features of the Solis Hybrid Inverter is its ability to switch seamlessly between solar power and the grid. This means that during periods of low sunlight, your system can still provide uninterrupted power. This capability is essential for maintaining a consistent energy supply, especially in areas with variable weather conditions.

Benefits of the Solis Hybrid Inverter

Efficiency and Reliability

The Solis S6-EH3P15K-H is engineered for high efficiency. With an impressive conversion rate, this hybrid inverter maximizes the energy harvested from your solar panels. This efficiency translates into significant cost savings and a lower carbon footprint.

Versatility and Flexibility

This inverter is suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential solar systems to commercial installations. Its compatibility with various solar modules makes it a versatile choice for any solar project. Moreover, the Solis Hybrid Inverter can easily be integrated into existing systems, enhancing their performance without requiring extensive modifications.

Smart Monitoring and Control

With integrated smart monitoring capabilities, the Solis S6-EH3P15K-H allows you to track your solar system’s performance in real time. This feature is accessible via a user-friendly app, providing you with insights into energy production, consumption, and storage. The ability to monitor your system remotely ensures that any issues can be quickly identified and addressed.

Why Purchase from a Solis Wholesaler?

Trusted Quality and Support

Buying from a certified Solis wholesaler ensures that you receive genuine products backed by a warranty and technical support. Wholesalers have the expertise to provide guidance on installation and maintenance, ensuring that your solar system operates smoothly.

Competitive Pricing

Solis distributors and wholesalers offer competitive pricing, making it more affordable to invest in high-quality solar technology. They often have access to the latest products and technologies, allowing you to stay ahead in the renewable energy market.


The Solis S6-EH3P15K-H Hybrid Inverter is a top-tier choice for anyone looking to enhance their solar energy system. Its advanced features, coupled with the reliability and efficiency that Solis products are known for, make it an excellent investment. Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a solar installer, this hybrid inverter can significantly improve your energy management and reduce your electricity costs.


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Invest in the future of energy with the Solis S6-EH3P15K-H Hybrid Inverter and experience the benefits of advanced solar technology today!


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