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Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter

Key Features:

  • Compatible with generator, extend backup duration during grid power outage
  • Support dual backup ports for intelligent control of important and non-importan loads
  • SG heat pump compatibility
  • Supports a maximum input current of 20 A, making it ideal for all high-power PV modules from any brand
  • Supports AC voltage detection of grid and generator output to avoid damage to generators from reverse current from the grid
  • Supports Peakshaving features in "self-use" and "generator" modes
  • Supports Unbalanced and Half-Wave Loads on both the Grid and Backup Port
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Discover the Power of the Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter

Introduction to Solis Hybrid Inverters

The Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter is a game-changer in the solar industry. Designed by Solis, a leading name in solar technology, this hybrid inverter combines efficiency, reliability, and advanced features. It is perfect for both residential and commercial solar systems.

Why Choose Solis?

Solis is renowned for its high-quality solar inverters. They offer a wide range of products suitable for various solar modules and installations. The Solis Hybrid Inverter is particularly noteworthy due to its impressive performance and adaptability.

Key Features of the Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter

Efficiency and Reliability

One of the standout features of the Solis S6-EH3P12K-H is its high efficiency. This solar inverter boasts an impressive conversion efficiency rate, ensuring that you get the most out of your solar system. Reliability is another hallmark of Solis products, and this hybrid inverter is no exception. It is built to last, with robust components that ensure long-term performance.

Advanced Energy Management

The Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter comes with advanced energy management features. It seamlessly integrates with solar modules and battery storage systems, allowing for efficient energy use. This means you can store excess energy generated during the day and use it when needed, reducing your reliance on the grid.

Benefits of Using a Hybrid Inverter

Energy Independence

By incorporating a hybrid inverter like the Solis S6-EH3P12K-H into your solar system, you can achieve greater energy independence. You can store energy and use it during peak hours or power outages, ensuring a consistent power supply.

Cost Savings

Using a Solis Hybrid Inverter can significantly reduce your electricity bills. By optimizing the use of solar energy and reducing grid consumption, you can save money in the long run. This makes it a smart investment for any solar system.

Solis Wholesaler and Distributor Networks

Finding a reliable Solis wholesaler or distributor is crucial for purchasing the Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter. Authorized Solis wholesalers ensure you get genuine products and excellent after-sales service. When choosing a distributor, look for those with a solid reputation in the solar industry.

Installing the Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter

Professional Installation

For optimal performance, it is essential to have the Solis Hybrid Inverter installed by professionals. Qualified installers ensure the inverter is set up correctly, maximizing its efficiency and lifespan. They also provide valuable advice on maintaining your solar system.

Compatibility with Solar Modules

The Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter is compatible with a wide range of solar modules. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for various solar installations. Whether you have an existing system or are planning a new one, this inverter can seamlessly integrate into your setup.


The Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter is a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their solar system. With its high efficiency, reliability, and advanced energy management features, it stands out as a premier solar inverter. By choosing Solis, you invest in a future-proof solution that brings significant energy savings and independence.

For the best deals and genuine products, always purchase from an authorized Solis wholesaler or distributor. Ensure professional installation to get the most out of your hybrid inverter and enjoy the benefits of a well-optimized solar system.

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By integrating the Solis S6-EH3P12K-H Hybrid Inverter into your solar setup, you can take a significant step towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Choose Solis for reliable, high-performance solar solutions.



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