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Solax X3 EPS BOX 3x63A


  • EPS Box integrates two contactors which provide power steering
    for users. It is compatible with X hybrid E version. Together with
    inverter, EPS Box can achieve intelligent switch between on-grid
    connection and off-grid connection. It can simplify the operation
    and improve security.
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Introducing the EPS Box: Your Efficient Power Solution

The EPS Box is an innovative device that enhances your power management system. Designed with two integrated contactors, it provides superior power steering capabilities for users. This advanced feature ensures a seamless and efficient power transition, making it an essential component in any modern energy setup.

Compatibility with X Hybrid E Version

One of the standout features of the EPS Box is its compatibility with the X Hybrid E version. This compatibility allows for an effortless integration process, making it a versatile addition to your existing system. By working in harmony with the X Hybrid E inverter, the EPS Box significantly enhances the overall functionality and efficiency of your power setup.

Intelligent Switching Between On-Grid and Off-Grid

The EPS Box is engineered to enable intelligent switching between on-grid and off-grid connections. This smart feature allows your system to adapt to different power sources seamlessly, ensuring continuous and reliable energy supply. Whether you are connected to the grid or relying on off-grid power, the EPS Box optimizes your system’s performance.

Simplifying Operation and Enhancing Security

Simplicity and security are at the core of the EPS Box design. The device simplifies the operation of your power system, making it easier to manage and control. Additionally, the EPS Box enhances the security of your power management system by providing robust and reliable power steering. This ensures that your energy supply remains stable and secure, protecting your appliances and equipment.

Ideal for Solar Energy Systems

The EPS Box is an ideal component for solar energy systems. Its ability to manage and switch between different power sources makes it perfect for integrating solar power into your energy setup. Whether you are using a #solarkit or a more extensive #solarpanelsystem, the EPS Box can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your system.

Benefits of Using the EPS Box

Using the EPS Box in your power management system comes with numerous benefits. It simplifies the operation, making it easier to manage your energy supply. The intelligent switching feature ensures that you always have access to the most reliable power source available. Additionally, the EPS Box enhances the security of your system, protecting your appliances and equipment from power fluctuations and interruptions.

Perfect for Energy Storage Solutions

For those utilizing energy storage solutions, the EPS Box is an excellent addition. It works seamlessly with energy storage systems, ensuring that stored energy is effectively managed and utilized. This makes it an invaluable component for #energystorage solutions, providing a reliable way to manage and distribute stored energy.

Enhancing Solar Wholesale and Distribution

The EPS Box is also a valuable product for the #solarwholesale and #solardistribution markets. Its advanced features and compatibility with various systems make it a popular choice among #solarwholesaler and #solarstoreonline operators. By offering the EPS Box, solar retailers can provide their customers with a high-quality, reliable power management solution.


In conclusion, the EPS Box is a versatile and essential component for modern power management systems. Its ability to provide intelligent switching between on-grid and off-grid connections, coupled with its compatibility with the X Hybrid E version, makes it a valuable addition to any energy setup. Whether you are using it in a solar energy system, for energy storage, or in a wholesale and distribution setting, the EPS Box delivers enhanced efficiency, security, and simplicity. Embrace the future of power management with the EPS Box and optimize your energy system today.


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