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SolaX X3-MGA-40K-G2, AFCI

SolaX X3-MGA-40K-G2, AFCI
SolaX X3-MGA-40K-G2, AFCI

More energy harvest

  • Maximum efficiency 98.4%
  • 180~1000Vdc MPPT voltage range
  • Maximum 6 MPPTs, 2 strings per MPP tracker
  • 150% PV oversizing input, 110% overloading output
  • Maximum 32A MPPT current, 16A per string

Safety & Reliability

  • IP66 protection level
  • AFCI protection
  • Both AC & DC SPDs (Type II) inside, Type I SPD is optional

Intelligence for easy maintenance and economy

  • Built-in export power control
  • Remote setting and upgrading
  • Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis supported
  • Aluminium AC cable connection available
  • Current measuring for each of PV string
  • SVG functional supported (Optional)
  • 24 hours operation monitoring (Optional)
  • Power line communication (PLC) (Optional)
  • Smart air cooling technique results in long lifetime of fans
  • Advanced heat dissipation technology makes the system more than 10% lighter and smaller
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Unleash Maximum Efficiency with Solax X3 MGA Inverter Series

Experience unparalleled energy harvest and efficiency with the Solax X3 MGA Inverter Series. Engineered to optimize energy production and ensure reliability, this series offers cutting-edge features that redefine solar energy solutions. Let's delve into the key features that make the Solax X3 MGA a game-changer in the world of solar inverters.

Maximize Energy Harvest: With a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, the Solax X3 MGA ensures optimal energy production from your solar panels. Its wide MPPT voltage range of 180~1000Vdc and maximum 6 MPPTs with 2 strings per MPP tracker allow for precise tracking and harvesting of solar energy. Plus, with 150% PV oversizing input and 110% overloading output, you can maximize energy yield under varying conditions.

Safety and Reliability Assured: Safety is a top priority with the Solax X3 MGA. With an IP66 protection level and optional AFCI protection, your system is protected against environmental elements and electrical faults. Both AC & DC Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) inside ensure protection against surges, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Intelligent Design for Easy Maintenance and Economy: The Solax X3 MGA is designed for convenience and economy. Built-in export power control allows you to manage energy export levels, optimizing self-consumption and reducing electricity costs. Remote setting and upgrading capabilities enable easy maintenance and system updates, ensuring your system stays up-to-date with the latest technology. With smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, current measuring for each PV string, and optional 24-hour operation monitoring and power line communication (PLC), you can identify and address potential issues quickly. Plus, with aluminium AC cable connection available and advanced heat dissipation technology resulting in a system that is more than 10% lighter and smaller than conventional inverters, installation and maintenance are simplified, saving time and hassle.

In conclusion, the Solax X3 MGA Inverter Series sets the standard for excellence in solar inverters. With its unmatched efficiency, safety features, intelligent design, and advanced heat dissipation technology, it's the ideal choice for homeowners, businesses, and solar professionals alike. Experience the difference with Solax X3 MGA and unlock the full potential of solar energy.

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