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SolaX Complete package 1 (5 kW inverter + 9 kWh Storage)

Complete inverter, energy storage, mounting system for pitched roof, and electronics package with SolaX inverters and batteries, and Longi solar panels.

  • Inverter capacity: 5kWh
  • Battery usable capacity: 9kWh
  • Module Power: 5950 W
  • Mounting system type: for pitched roof (tiles or metal) 
In stock (EU warehouse)

The package includes:

    • 1x SolaX X3 5.0-D Hybrid Inverter
    • 3x SolaX T30 3kWh battery module 
    • 1x SolaX Master Box MC0600 V1.01 Battery Management System
    • 1x SolaX Smart Meter DTSU666-D
    • 1x SolaX Accessory pack for T30 
    • 1x SolaX Power cable 1,8m for 3x T30
    • 14x Longi 425W HI-MO 6 Explorer LR5-54HTH Black Frame Solar panel
    • Mounting system components for the whole installation 
    • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection 
    • Cables, connectors 
    • Emergency switches 
    Article No.
    400 kg/set