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K2 Dome 6 Classic System for flat roof

Key features: 

  • For mounting standard size PV modules and flexible row spacing
  • Mounting with many obstacles for full utilisation of the roof area
  • Warranty: 12 years 
  • Certificates: EN, CE


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K2 Dome 6 Classic System: The Ideal Solar Mounting Solution

When it comes to solar installations, the choice of mounting system is crucial. The K2 Dome 6 Classic System stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for various roof types. Designed by K2 Systems, this mounting system offers durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with different roof coverings. Let's delve into what makes the K2 Dome 6 Classic System an excellent choice for your solar needs.

Why Choose the K2 Dome 6 Classic System?

The K2 Dome 6 Classic System is tailored for flat roofs, making it suitable for the majority of flat roof coverings. Its design includes the Mat S, which significantly optimizes ballast during installation. This feature ensures a secure anchoring with a fixed connection on roofs with more than 3° slope or low load reserves. The system’s elevation of 15° with the S-Dome variant creates an optimal angle of incidence, enhancing the efficiency of your solar modules.

Key Features of the K2 Dome 6 Classic

  • Flexible Row Spacing: The K2 Dome 6 Classic allows for mounting standard size PV modules with flexible row spacing. This flexibility is crucial for maximizing the use of your roof space, especially if there are obstacles.
  • Full Utilization of Roof Area: Even with many obstacles, the K2 Dome 6 Classic system ensures full utilization of the roof area. This is particularly beneficial for commercial installations where maximizing the available space is essential.

Durability and Quality

The K2 Dome 6 Classic System is constructed from high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. These materials guarantee long-term corrosion resistance, ensuring that your solar mounting system remains robust and effective over time. The durability of this system reduces the load on your roof while providing a stable foundation for your solar modules.

Easy Installation

One of the standout features of the K2 Dome 6 Classic System is its easy installation process. This user-friendly design minimizes installation time and reduces the potential for errors, ensuring that your solar system is operational quickly and efficiently.

Compatibility with Various Roof Types

The versatility of the K2 mounting system is evident in its compatibility with different roof types. Whether you have a pitched or flat roof, the K2 Dome 6 Classic can be adapted to fit securely. This adaptability makes it a preferred choice for a wide range of solar projects.

Long-Term Warranty

Investing in the K2 Dome 6 Classic System comes with the assurance of a 25-year warranty. This extensive warranty period aligns with the longevity of most solar modules and inverters, offering you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Working with K2 Solar Wholesalers

Purchasing from a K2 solar wholesaler ensures access to genuine products and competitive pricing. K2 wholesalers provide extensive product knowledge and support, helping you make informed decisions for your solar projects. Additionally, K2 distributors offer excellent customer service, making the installation process smooth and efficient.

Benefits of the K2 Dome 6 Classic System

The K2 Dome 6 Classic System is a top choice for anyone looking to install a reliable and durable solar mounting system. Its easy installation, compatibility with various roof types, and high-quality materials make it a standout product. The system’s ability to maximize roof space, even with obstacles, is particularly advantageous for commercial installations.


For those seeking a robust and efficient solar mounting system, the K2 Dome 6 Classic System is an excellent option. Its design ensures durability, ease of installation, and optimal use of roof space. With a 25-year warranty and compatibility with leading solar products, the K2 Dome 6 Classic System is a trusted choice for homeowners and businesses alike.


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